Jünger Administration Surface - J*AS

This service application enables centralized device monitoring, user management and preset synchronization accessible from anywhere within an IP network for all D*AP4 - Voice Audio Processors.

    • Overview

    The Jünger Administration Surface makes presets accessible across the network and offers valuable metadata for system administration.

    • Preset Sharing

    J*AS is built to work as a layer above Jünger Audio’s powerful preset and event management system.

    Personalized settings and profiles from any connected D*AP4 VAP can be stored on the server and shared with other devices by the push of a button.

    Centralized presets automatically appear in a remote section incorporated in the familiar D*AP4 VAP mobile UI and can be activated instantly. It is further possible to load presets by user log-in, RFID or NFC tag authentication.

    • Centralized Monitoring and Administration

    JAS features a simple user interface for device configuration and administration. It facilitates system service staff’s daily work by displaying all devices at once in a well laid-out overview window. Technical statuses and metadata can be checked and verified at a glance. For trouble shooting, JAS receives and stores the system logs of all connected devices.

    • Accessible, Redundant and Flexible

    As a flexible multi-platform server application, JAS can run on virtually any computer. Ranging from a single laptop to multi device server installations for redundancy. Like all other current Jünger Audio products, JAS is operated via web interface using a standard web browser, anywhere within your network.

    Key Features

    • Global preset storage and sharing
    • Centralized device monitoring
    • Accessibility, redundancy and multi-platform flexibility

    More Features:

    • Presets can be saved and managed on a centralized server
    • Every stored preset can be activated instantly on all connected D*AP4 VAP devices
    • Presets may be activated by user log-in or NFC card authentication
    • Operated via web interface from anywhere within the network
    • Automatic fail-over mechanism when run on multiple machines
    • Automatic database backup
    • Compatible to MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix
    • Access to status and technical metadata of all connected devices
    • Access to all device’s error logs

    Product Brief

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