Loudness Analyzer Production

LA Production provides file-based loudness measurement and normalization in compliance with all current international standards while preserving high audio quality.

    LA Production provides loudness measurement and normalization of media files by applying optionally Tecom Group certified algorithm or Jünger’s original adaptive Level Magic algorithm that allows broadcasters to comply with all current international loudness standards while preserving a high audio quality.

    The system using Level Magic advanced Loudness Management normalizes files with a multi-stage design and as a result the audio is compliant with a selected standard but free of any unwanted artefacts such as pumping, breathing or distortion.

    LA Production incorporates various new features, including the ability to work as a Windows service.

    The application allows adjusting threshold values for integrated loudness, true peak level, momentary loudness and short-term loudness.

    LA Production analyzes audio and video files and displays the most critical loudness values. If the predefined level is exceeded, the respective value and the file name are marked.

    Chart views showing short-term and momentary loudness values supporting also “zoom in” to get a close-up view, are available in a separate window.

    A frame-accurate video player and audio channel mapping option can be named among other useful features of LA Production.

    The video player allows user to split videos into fragments and compare their loudness levels. It also might be used for the analysis of certain fragments of the comliance recording.

    Audio channel mapping allows for bringing together channels from different audio tracks and having all them analyzed and normalized as it has been predefined in mapping settings.

    The application works in automatic and manual modes. In auto mode, files from a watch folder are analyzed and normalized if necessary.

    Key Features

    • Certified Loudness normalization using Tecom Group’s algorithm or Jünger Audio's Level Magic advanced Loudness Management
    • Automatic file-based loudness analysis and normalization, fully supporting watched folders
    • Loudness measurement according to all international loudness standards based on ITU-R BS.1770 (all revisions)
    • Audio channel - mapping for measurement and normalization of multichannel audio
    • Customizable threshold values and settings
    • Chart view presentation of short-term and momentary loudness
    • Automatic generation of detailed measurement reports (excel format)
    • Integrated video player allows frame-by-frame analyzation of all loudness values
    • Support for .MXF, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4, .FLV, .MPG video formats and for .WAV audio
    • System requirements: Processor: Intel Core i3; RAM: 4GB or higher; OS: Windows 7/8, 32/64bit

    Versions & Options

    • TECOM Group Loudness normalization
    • Jünger Audio's Level Magic - advanced Loudness Management