iLok - What do I need to use the iLok system?

  • iLok User Account An iLok User Account is required, which is obtained via a free registration: iLok-Registration The User ID in the registration form on the above registration page, is a unique token referred to as the iLok User ID (sometimes referred to as iLok ID, iLok Account or iLok User Account ID). This is used as your login name on the website as well as in the iLok License Manager software. When activating software using the iLok system your iLok User ID is required as the software publisher will deposit the license for your purchased software to your iLok user account.

  • iLok License Manager The iLok License Manager software is required. It includes the required software drivers for the iLok system, and offers full management of all your iLok licenses. Download (Mac OS X 32/64-­‐ bit, Windows 32-­‐bit, Windows 64-­‐bit) for free from the website: Ilok License Manager Download

  • iLok USB Key An iLok USB key is required. There are two versions of iLok USB keys, the original iLok USB Smart key, and the new 2nd Generation USB iLok, both of them are compatible and will work perfectly well.The new 2nd Generation USB iLok holds up to 500 authorizations.