Loudness Analyzer

Jünger Loudness Analyzer by Tecom Group

Though loudness normalization is adopted all around the world, broadcasters still need to measure, log, analyze and report loudness values to ensure compliance with the local loudness regulations.

By using Loudness Analyzer and Jünger audio processors you can quickly get analytical information about integrated loudness of each program segment.

Jünger Audio Level Magic™ hardware solutions measure the short term loudness and true peak input and output values. Loudness Analyzer reads log-files and calculates integrated loudness for program blocks, advertisements and announces using the broadcast schedule.


  • Compliance with international loudness standards and regulations
  • Analytical information about integrated loudness of each event
  • Detection of loudness regulations infringements
  • Decreased reaction time
  • Regulatory reporting - Peace of mind and improved audience trust

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