Universal Remote Control Panel X*AP RM1

The X*AP RM1 universal remote control connects to any of the Slim Line products providing direct access hands-on control capabilities.

    The X*AP RM1 is the tool of choice for users preferring hands-on control instead of web-based interfaces. It may control a single device or a group of different devices accommodating any infrastructure requirements. Placing the control device apart from the processing devices gives the user the freedom to arrange his or her workplace environment in the most ergonomic way.

    The X*AP RM1 connects to any of the Slim Line products as listed in Accessories below this page.

    Key Features

    X*AP RM1 Remote One
    • Controls any Jünger Audio Slim Line product
    • 2 high resolution graphic displays (OLED)
    • 8 channel multicolor LED bargraph
    • Status indicators for vital system information
    • 8 user configurable hotkeys
    • Rotary encoder (turn & push)

    More Features:

    • Controls up to 4 devices at a time
    • Compact design
    • External control via network (Ember+)
    • SNMP agent for status monitoring
    • DC powered



    • X*AP RM1 rel_xap_1_10_1-38898-r1.zip download (ZIP, 7.64 MB)
      Changelog 1.10.1 (2017-03-06):

      Firmware-Package for X*AP RM1


      • fixed (Menu) Restore Factory Defaults works as expected

      Changes 1.10.0:

      • new feature (Network) automatically reconnects after network drop out or power down
      • new feature (Network) automatic IP-conflict detection and warning
      • improved (Network) stability and robustness against network problems
      • improved (Network) connectivity when using new device with previously utilized ip address

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