Dolby® D/D+/AAC Encoder - C8612

The C8612 is a module designed for the C8000 modular processing solution offering Dolby® D/D+ encoding features of up to eight discrete audio channels into a single Dolby® D/D+ feed.

    The C8612 offers encoding of a 5.1 program and a separate 2.0 program into Dolby® Digital (AC3 ) or Dolby® Digital+ streams.

    The module is part of the integrated 5.1 & Dolby® processing chain of the modular processing solution ranging from audio deembedding over Dolby® decoding audio processing, re-encoding in the appropriate Dolby® format and re-embedding or routing to the desired output.

    One of its most interesting features is the possibility to use the metadata coming with the audio input in one combined stream from upstream devices in the C8000 system (De-embedders, decoders, audio processors). This way, there is no external Metadata path necessary.

    Dolby® metadata can be selected in three different ways, from input, preset or extern. Metadata can be displayed, edited and stored. Applications are broad but cover mainly emission and distribution systems, master control switches, Studios, etc.

    About Dolby Metadata:

    The Dolby® Laboratories, Inc. have introduced the “data about the audio data“, the Dolby® Metadata, which travel along with the multi channel bit stream from acquisition (point of audio recording) to delivery (Dolby Digital decoder at home either as part of the TV Set Top Box or the home theatre system). Dolby® Metadata in the end of the day may control the home equipment in a way that the sound impression is as close as possible to what the producers intention was when mixing a movie sound track.

    C8612 is a module designed for the C8000 modular system . I/O’s are provided in the desired format through the C8000 modular processing platform.

    Configuration and operation are performed via web interface. Remote control via GPI or through 3rd Party Devices (through open Ember protocol).

    Key Features

    C8612 – Dolby® D/D+/AAC Encoder Processing Block Diagram
    C8612 – Dolby® D/D+/AAC Encoder Processing Block Diagram
    • Dolby® Digital (AC3) Encoding
    • Dolby® Digital+ Encoding
    • AAC / HE-AAC Encoding
    • Transcoding

    Product Brief


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