Dolby® Metadata

The C8651 allows to receive and transmit asynchronous Dolby metadata (RDD6) via serial RS485 interface.

    The metadata received will be inserted into a pre selected audio data bus for reception by any module within a C8000 frame.

    This proprietary metadata transport mechanism is very flexible and powerful for metadata exchange and management.

    About Dolby Metadata:

    The Dolby® Laboratories, Inc. have introduced the “data about the audio data“, the Dolby® Metadata, which travel along with the multi channel bit stream from acquisition (point of audio recording) to delivery (Dolby Digital decoder at home either as part of the TV Set Top Box or the home theatre system). Dolby® Metadata in the end of the day may control the home equipment in a way that the sound impression is as close as possible to what the producers intention was when mixing a movie sound track.

    Key Features

    • receive and transmit asynchronous Dolby Metadata (RDD6) via serial RS485 interface
    • C8000 Dolby Metadata internal bus inserter/extractor

    Product Brief


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